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My Promises

What I Will Support


Protecting and defending your individual rights is my highest priority. The Bill of Rights is non-negotiable.

This includes the right to life. I believe that protecting life is fundamental to protecting Liberty.

The Economy

Our Federal Government is seemingly doing everything it can to damage our economy.

My priority will be to keep government small, cut taxes and keep spending low.

I do not support an income tax of any form.

Small Business

I will support the lowering of taxes and regulatory burdens on businesses.

Our NH small business owners need all the support they can get during these difficult economic times.

2nd Amendment

The Second Amendment is crucial to protecting our freedom and under no circumstances should this right be infringed.

I will support the nullification of any federal laws that are a threat to our right to bear arms here in NH.

Traditional Education

I believe education, free from ideological pressures, is key to the success of our public school system.

Supporting parental rights and educational transparency will ensure the success and well-being of NH students.

Medical Freedom

Everyone should be able to make their own choices regarding medical decisions for themselves and their children.

Threatening a person's livelihood or education with mandates such as forced masking and vaccination have no place in the Live Free or Die State.